Go from overcomer to Expert Coach!

Even if you don’t have a degree, even if you have no coaching experience or a team this program will help you put your genius together in a way that will impact your audience and create income freedom for you.

Do you want to be successful and are you ready to go after it?

Listen, there’s no denying your God-given gift to motivate and inspire others.

You see, you’ve always been that good friend, spouse, parent or colleague that friends, family members and peers call on for life-altering advice.

You’ve always been the one who shows up and comes through for people in their time of need.

You’ve always been the one to “do it all” with grace – parenthood, career and relationships.

And while you are undoubtedly blessed with the insight and empathy to lead others into their destiny, I have a question for you:

How are you using your divine gift to bless yourself?

After all, the lives you’ve transformed quietly behind the scenes doesn’t compare to the massive impact you could (and should) be making.

Women and men around the world are begging for breakthroughs and they’re waiting on someone like you – a faith & purpose driven person – to reveal to them the things they can’t see or even envision for themselves.

They’re waiting on you to take them by the hand and put them on the path to their purpose.

They’re waiting for you to stop lurking in the shadows and use the gift that God has blessed you with to bless the world … not just your circle of friends, family members and peers.

Then I want to empower you to craft your own future and become a certified life coach. 

My proven step by step life coach program will take you from gifted to gifted making impact. 


I’m Dr Faith Abraham and Ive been in the healing industry as a coach and counselor for the past 15 years since 2005.

A few years ago I had degrees but no job would hire me. I couldn’t even get an interview. I was living paycheck to paycheck going to McDonalds dollar menu to “splurge”

Thankfully my car was paid off but I struggled to change the tires or even get an oil change

But my life changed when I started my coaching business …

I went from no job interviews to booked busy and blessed

From having foreclosures on my credit to having 760+ credit score

From having to rely on daycare to being able to work from home

I created Life Mastery School after having tremendous success with my clients getting them the results they desired. It was the desire to make an impact while making income at a grand scale that motivated me to put my never before taught system together for many other soon to coaches to do the same! 

I’m a daughter of two immigrant patents who flew all the way across the ocean in search of a better life. That same tenacity and conviction for change resides inside of me. I saw them by Gods grace and the power entrepreneurship to change the trajectory of our family. 

Life Mastery School will teach you how to take your life into your own hands and live out in your terms. 

When you sign up, you’ll get the framework for coaching others, the blueprint for success of establishing a coaching business as well as the undefeated mindset for changing lives. 

Yes you did read that right. Not only do you get the fundamentals of how to change peoples lives but you also get the blueprint for establishing a profitable business. 

Theres no other life coaching program that will do that for you! Its the best package ever where you get the coaching framework + the business blueprint. 

Life Mastery School makes starting and running your life coaching business easy!

Within Life Mastery School you have everything you need to gain the right mindset, gain the skillset, have the certification and the business know how for yourself.

There is absolutely no point in thousands of dollars for different courses, countless hours finding the right platforms and figuring out what steps to take next.  Everything I wish I had when I was getting started is right at your finger tips!

Never mind trying to go through your journey of becoming a coach by yourself with no support system or understanding of what is to come next. You have in your hands the best shortcut to making your dreams come true.

Don’t stand in your own way.  The possibilities are endless to what you can achieve and accomplish.  Many people make the grave rich because they die with the treasure of their gifts still inside of them.  They never stepped out in faith to give their gifts to the world.

Don’t be one of those people. Understand this…

There is no experience necessary

You can learn at your own pace

Gain expert help

This is not for you if …

  • You’re looking to make quick money 

The healing industry is a lucrative industry that has finally allowed those of us with the gift of healing to succeed and prosper by doing what we do best helping people. With that being said I am not willing to propagate people making money off of others pain. We offer great value to our clients and that value is rewarded. No value no reward. 

  • You’re not willing to grow as an individual 

As a coach one of the most valuable things you can do is continue to grow as an individual. We don’t know it all. We do the best we can with the knowledge we have. The more knowledge we acquire the better off we will be as well as our clients. This is why we offer the private continuing education group. The groups allows us to hone our craft and gain insight into how we can help ourselves and our clients. 

  • You’re not committed to the process

Although the program is self paced and accessible 24/7 through the course platform you must be committed to the process of learning what you don’t know. You’ll learn my T.E.A framework of mastery for you and your clients.  Not only will you be changing the lives of your clients but also your life as well. You are the first beneficiary of your process. 

This is for you if…

  • You love helping people 
  • Giving good sound advice is easy for you 
  • You know the value and benefit of personal growth 
  • You want to make a lasting impact on the world 
  • You want to be free from the 9-5 rat race 
  • You want to live life without looking at the price tags

What will it cost you and your family and your generations if you do not begin coaching?

Your situation will remain the same…

You will have overcome everything and die with that story, NO ONE will know…

You will lose the opportunity to shift into a more fulfilling and purpose driven career that you’ve always dreamed of…

You won’t become everything you were destined to become…

Don’t waste precious time and energy going back and forth with yourself. Put what you have out so that others can benefit from your story. Get started today.