About Us

Dr. Faith Abraham

I am a firm believer in personal development and personal growth. Funny enough it started because I realized that I was in dire need of it.

Despite having my Doctorate there was a lot of internal chatter that hindered me from achieving the big goals I had as well as living the life I knew I was meant to live.

I was so frustrated that I would see people living the life I wanted to live because #1 I knew it was possible and

#2 if it was possible for them, what was the difference between me and them?!

So I got to work.

I allowed my spiritual walk to cause me to grow (that doesn’t happen with everyone), consumed countless self help books to bring it all together, got personal coaching to work through the “stuff” that I had accumulated within myself …it was a long process.

But I knew I was more than capable of seeing the life I felt within and I was determined to figure it out. Since then I have been able

  • retired from my 9-5 job to go full time into business
  • establish 6 figure businesses
  • coach and counsel clients from various backgrounds into transformation
  • cofounded an all in one platform to run your online business, SaaS company within the tech industry
  • created the life transforming coaching certification program

I am living the life that was couped up within me all this while.  Now its your turn… it’s time to turn your life around and experience your life at its fullest potential.

Get free from the limiting beliefs

Establish the financial freedom you’ve always wanted

Spend more time with your loved ones

Live a life of passion and fervency

Impact the lives of others

It’s your turn to get the results you’ve always wanted.  With me as your coach, I will tap into your genius, uncover & destroy your the invisible barriers and help you use the gifts, talents and abilities that you’ve been blessed with to succeed.

Use the tools that I have created just for you and your freedom to experience the life you were meant to live.  No more hoping, wishing and waiting for a fairy godmother to bibbity, boppity, boo you into your dream life, lets create it together.