1. Life Coaching
    Life Coaching
    Athletes and super achievers all have one thing in common. They work with coaches. Having Dr. Faith as your life and business coach will cause you breakthrough in every way.
  2. Mentorship
    The difference between today and enjoying your tomorrow is the information you receive. Get information & revelation to shape your tomorrow for the better.
  3. Speaking Engagement
    Speaking Engagement
    Dr. Faith is a highly sought after prolific speaker. She speaks powerfully on messages and topics ranging from women empowerment, prophetic, leadership, ministry, keynote etc.
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My purpose is to help you unleash the greatness that is within you.

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Dr. Faith Abraham
1010 Huntcliff NE
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Atlanta, GA 30350

Tel: 678.948.8463 
Individual Counseling

I really enjoyed speaking with Dr. Faith- she allowed me to open up fully which is something I never do but she made me feel comfortable enough to do so. I look forward to our next session.
-Carla P.
Spiritual Counseling

What can I say about Dr. Faith Abraham? She's professional, warm, sweet, caring and spirit filled. I am at total ease in her presence. In the short time that I have been seeing her, there have been some great changes in my life. To get professional trained help and spirit lead guidance from one person is golden. I look forward to more sessions with her.
--Tonya L.
Premarital & Relationship Counseling

Dr. Faith Abraham is an experienced mediator. I used her services for premarital counseling. She listens well and gives pertinent feedback. Both my spouse and I felt very comfortable speaking freely. Strategies used to improve our relationship have helped is see eachother on a new light and enjoy eachother despite our differences. Thank you Dr. Faith Abraham!
-Leanise J.
Life and Business Coaching

I've sat with Dr. Faith and she has given me so much insight on so many things. We worked together on my business and the biggest thing she did for me was help me see how others see my biz and what I have to offer to the world. Dr. Faith helped me see things in myself that I couldn't see before. It's been life AND business changing! I'm going full steam ahead with Dr. Faith!
-Kem U.
Marriage Counseling

This was my first experience with marriage counseling. I must say that I truly felt a breakthrough with my first session. Dr. Abraham did a wonderful job hearing our needs and pinpointing special areas we needed to work on. I actually wish I had this experience years ago (it would have saved so much trouble). The faith-based approach also made the session more profound as it affected us on a spiritual level. I'm forever grateful to Restoration Counseling! 
-Al. D
Family Counseling

She's very down to earth and is really helping our family with counseling!

- Candice K