All you need to know and do to prepare yourself for your desire to be MARRIED!

Dr. Faith Abraham, D.B.C, PhD

You’re 21 years old AGAIN and all you want is to be married. There are other things in life you want to achieve but getting married is definitely at the TOP of the list and it's pressing.  You can’t understand why marriage hasn’t happened for you by now and it's becoming beyond frustrating.

You know you’re not meant to be single so what’s the hold up?

I get it. I understand how you feel.

I’ve heard these questions asked time and time again.  And truthfully it hurts every time.  As a pastor and a counselor for the past 10 years I’ve helped counsel and coach many women (and men) get to the point of marriage.  What I’ve found out during all of those counseling and coaching sessions as well as my own personal experience of being married at a young age is, there’s A LOT about marriage people don’t know.

Even though I was married young there was a big learning curve... one that I want you to avoid.
Enough people aren't talking about these different factors and it's time want to change all of that. I believe that by you taking this course you can go from not having anyone in your life at all to having many somebodies to choose from!

There are some MAJOR factors that must be addressed in order to be prepared and cultivated for marriage and I'm here to give it to you.

In this course you will learn...

  • How to shift your mindset from being a single person to being a married person
  • The personal secret that is missing within many people that ruins their marriage before they even get married
  • The way to build confidence to attract your spouse
  • Effective prayers that will cultivate your spiritual life to manifest your spouse
  • How to get rid of behaviors that push potential spouses away from you
  • Why your time as a single person is crucial to your success as a married person

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What can I look forward to seeing within this handbook?  There are three main components that are included within the Singles Handbook for your success which are...

  • #1 Number one

    21 things that you can do to prepare yourself for the demands of marriage

    This a checklist of actions that you can take that will propel the manifestation of your spouse.  Some of them are quite simple while others will require some dedication to becoming a better version of you.  Either way YOU win.

  • #2 Number two

    21 crucial things that NO ONE tells you about marriage that you NEED to know

    The truth is there’s a lot to know about marriage BUT there are some things that everyone needs to know and they just don’t.  I break it down for you so you can be better prepared and ready to share your life with the one you love to make it last forever.

  • #3 Number three

    5 videos that give you one on one advise from me to you on keys to preparation

    I’m giving you the heads up in video format on the take aways from my experience (12 years in), my clients experiences, God’s perspective & my professional training.  It’s loaded!

Now, you don't have to take my word for it.  Here's what a few of my clients who have gotten results have said about working with me:

Before you do ANYTHING significant in life you prepare for it.  A job interview, a Thanksgiving dinner, moving to a new place etc ....and preparing to get married is no different.  The key is knowing exactly what is needed so you can prepare properly.  It's here!

Don't delay.

You deserve to know and you deserve to be properly prepared.

I'm Dr. Faith Abraham, certified counselor PhD.

I teach people how to grow in the spiritual walk as well as empower and counsel you so that you can unleash the greatness that is within you.

Inside of the Singles Handbook, I'll reveal how you too can unleash the greatness within to be prepared for what you deserve which is your marriage.

Only $27

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