Dr. Faith Abraham is an author, speaker,empowerment coach and pastor.  For the past decade she has dedicated her life to helping others rise up from the turmoil of their past to live a greater life.Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she grew up as the first born daughter to immigrants and learned first hand the hard work and dedication that was needed to obtain the American dream.

She is the author of multiple books including You Can Win  at Life,Christ confidence, and Unleashing the Greatness Within.  All of her books are written  with the intent to cause others to live their God kind of life full of  joy, hope, success and greatness.  As a speaker, Dr. Faith has spoken to large audiences at  women’s conferences, youth programs,brunches & luncheons, and as the main conference speaker. She personally hosts an annual women’s conference called Glamour G.I.R.L.

As an advocate of education she has a Bachelors in Psychology,Masters in Business Administration and a PhD in Marriage, Family &Children counseling. Dr. Faith happily married and is the mother of two children and resides in the greater Atlanta area.


Dr. Uyi Abraham is a Success Strategist, Leadership guru and Personal development Coach.

As a Pastor, he is the founder and Senior Pastor of Elevate Church in Atlanta, Georgia a church he planted in 2010 with his wife with only one member. He is the author of best selling books such as Blueprint For Success and 21 Laws That Rule The world. He is a successful Entrepreneur, mentor, philanthropist, prolific speaker and trainer.

As a Coach,  Dr. Abraham has mentored and coached hundreds of individuals, professionals and ministers to attain higher levels of Success and Significance in their respective fields and dreams. You will enjoy greater happiness, passion, and fulfillment in all you do— your life, ministry and career will have a new meaning.

He is the founder of Pleroma Network, visit at www.PleromaNetwork.com

As a Teacher/Educator: Dr. Abraham’s purpose in life is to inspire the greatness in people, empower them to live lives of Significance, while teaching them to create lasting changes with undeniable results in their personal and professional life. He has taught success principles in over 10 countries. He is the founder of President of Higher Place Christian University.

As Philanthropists, Dr. Uyi Abraham and his wife Dr. Faith C. Abraham give away 30% of their income to non profit charities including the Battle Against World Hunger. 

Follow him on his personal coaching website at www.UyiAbraham.com