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Dr. Faith Abraham is the founder & creator of the Glamour G.I.R.L Women's Conference. She founded the Glamour G.I.R.L Women's Conference out of a desire to have more depth, knowledge and empowerment within the ever increasing number of women conferences.

Dr. Faith realizes that women play a variety of roles within their lives and are in need of a time in which they can relax and receive new information to propel them forward.  She wears a variety of hats including being a wife, mother, pastor, instructor, life coach, speaker, author, humanitarian and the list continues.  All of these hats would be impossible to juggle if she didn't have the necessary knowledge, wisdom and information to see her through.

That is what the Glamour G.I.R.L conference is all about and what is will provide for you: empowerment.  Too many women live a life below their capabilities due to a lack of information.  Whether its knowing how to navigate through difficult situations, how to move forward within new opportunities, create new opportunities or developing an ever increasing sense of Christ confidence; Dr. Faith brings the empowerment and wisdom to plow ahead.

Along with Dr. Faith, there will awesomely, anointed speakers hand picked by Dr. Faith that will deliver a word that increase you to met your need in the season you are in and the season you are going to.  Make no mistake the Glamour G.I.R.L Women's Conference is an extraordinary event that you will not want to miss.  Entrepreneurs, homemakers, ministers, musicians, leaders, and others who impact the world for the better come out to move ahead in life.  Be sure you're one of them!