Blaze book writing coaching

Blaze coaching is available and allows you to work at your own pace while completing your book in order to achieve your goals while receiving the invaluable information you need to move forward quickly.


The Blaze Coaching was specifically created to propel you in your book writing endeavors! You have the option of choosing either of 3 different levels (Prime, Executive, VIP).  The level you choose should be in direct correlation to the speed at which you want to achieve your goals.


Blaze book writing : Extended coaching

Blaze book writing : Extended coaching is available and provides one-on-one coaching with Dr.Faith, in depth training, aggressive strategy and plans as well as systems to implement for greater results.  You'll receive 2 hours of personal time and a review of your book by Dr. Faith who is a professional ghost writer for 20 plus books, written 6 personal books and is co-founder of a publishing company.

Blaze Coaching :: Extended Coaching