It's time to get rid of the frustration that's blocking your relationship.

Dr. Faith Abraham, D.B.C, PhD

All you want is to enjoy your relationship and be happy.  Does it have to be this hard?

I understand your pain.  I didn't have the best example of marriage when I was growing up so it was difficult to have references as to what marriage should look like.  And since it wasn't the healthiest of relationships knowing what to do in challenging situations was always overwhelming.  All I really knew is I wanted my marriage to be MUCH better than I had seen and I was going to do everything possible to get it that way.

I learned along the way that contrary to popular belief marriage takes werk (yes werk).  And because its supposed to be forever I know there's added pressure.  As daunting as that sounds there's something else I learned and have been teaching my various relationship/marriage coaching and counseling clients for years ...the werk yields MAJOR BENEFITS!!  I'm 13 years into my marriage with my hubby despite everything that was standing against us.  Now it's your turn.

Marriage Bootcamp isn't like the show filled with dysfunction and no real end in sight.  It has the practical stuff that everyone failed to tell you before you got married as well as the time tested couples approved tools that every relationship needs to be fulfilling for both individuals.


In this course you will learn...

  • The way to communicate that will help you and your spouse hear each other out and AVOID heated arguments
  • How to mend the relationship after trust has been broken by infidelity, lies, financial issues & other outside interference
  • How to use your love languages to hear, feel and get the love you need from you loved one and have them show you love in a way you understand to get passion and intimacy flowing
  • Why and how to set expectations to get what it is you want and deserve to get out of the relationship you expect to last for a lifetime
  • How to set goals within your relationship for mutual health, growth, happiness and fulfilment can flourish

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Is that all? Absolutely, NOT!  I have a couple more things for you so that once you get on track you STAY on track ...

  • Relationship Reveal

    Assessments aren’t just for the boardroom, they’re for the bedroom too! Keep your relationship going strong with this tool that will reveal what’s going good, what’s not and what could be worked on for more fulfillment.

  • 21 ways books : Marriage Edition

    In the series of the 21 ways books the marriage edition is what you’ll receive and they include practical ideas and ways of increasing passion, intimacy and relationship building.  Both books are easily implemented and used as much as you’d like.

  • Grateful Gains

    Sometimes the ones we love the most (our spouse) can be the greatest source of frustration BUT with this tool you’ll be able to remember and enjoy the things that make you love them despite everything else.

You may be asking yourself if my methods have worked for others.  If you are, its a great question and Ill answer it for you...YES! I will never put something together that hasn't been proven to work for others.  In fact,  I KNOW it will work for you because it has worked for others.

Don't delay your fulfilling relationship any further and get Marriage Bootcamp to get rid of the frustration and enjoy what you know you should enjoy, your relationship.

Only $27

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