Dreams and Visions Course

Coming Soon!!

Understanding the dreams and visions you have and what to do with them.  6 weeks course that will go into detail on dreams and visions their various sources, how to interpret them and what is the next step after receiving interpretation on them.

We will also discuss their benefits and the balance of applying them to life.

Christ Confidence: A 7 day devotional

March 2017

This will be a 7 day devotional that each day  of the devotional will cover different aspects of building and growing in Christ confidence that is even greater than self confidence.  There will be accompanying scripture for every day study and godly meditation.

It will be recorded via Periscope live.  Follow Dr. Faith Abraham at @DrFaithAbraham on periscope so you don't miss the recordings!

School of the Prophetic

Completed 2016

This course was completed via conference call over the course of 6 weeks.  Within the course we covered basic understanding of dreams & visions, prophets the office, gift and the call, prophets role in the church, scribes, minstrels and many other things.

It has been turned into a 80 plus page workbook which can be purchased on the products page. Click here.


STATE OF EMERGENCY: Dominion Network International Conference

April 6-8th 2017

This is the international gathering of the members of the Dominion Network.  This meeting will have impartation, discussions on various aspects of the prophetic as well as equipping and instruction on our role in the local church.

Register at http://www.DominionNetwork.org

The Gathering: Dominion Network International Conference

September 15-18th 2016

This is the international gathering of the members of the Dominion Network.  Ordinations and graduations will be taking place as well as sound teaching during all of the sessions.  Ministers, leaders and entrepreneurs are most served during this conference. It is open to the public.

Register at http://www.DominionNetwork.org

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