Live Events with Dr. Faith

Glamour G.I.R.L Women's Conference

Theme: Grace & Glory

Dates: Thursday October 9, 2014 - Saturday October 11, 2014

Dallas Fire Crusade

Dates: Thursday October 23 & Friday October 24 2014

Pleroma Network Conference

Theme: Change the World

Dates: Thursday March 14, 2014 - Saturday March 16, 2014

Dr. Faith Abraham is a dynamic speaker.  She is full of life and wisdom.  In every meeting her goal is to everyone feel stronger, more empowered, healthier and better equipped to live life by the time they walk out of the meeting!

 As a speaker, Dr. Faith has spoken to large audiences at  women’s conferences, youth programs, brunches & luncheons, and as the keynote speaker. She personally hosts an annual women’s conference called the Glamour G.I.R.L Women's Conference.