21st 2017f July 2017

Academy subject: BUSINESS

Here you will find downloads, electronic applications, videos, tele-seminars and video-seminars to PROPEL YOUR business life.

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Make the most out of the downloads by saving them to your computer or electronic device. This way you always have access to pertinent information.


Insider electronic applications to take your business to the next level.


These videos have been provided for you to obtain greater insight and teaching on various subjects for an entrepreneur.

How to lead so others will follow

Leadership 101


These are weekly courses offered either via the web or via telephone about specific topics for the advancement of your business.

Identify and use the reason behind the business to enhance the ability to live better and impact others.

Business plan, vision, tangible goals to guide your next move!

Systematic ways of conducting business that removes burnout and promotes profits

Website usage & Social media platforms and options to promote, market & advertise your business

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