You’re one decision away

Your destiny is being created every single day.

There’s not one day that goes by in which your destiny is not hanging in the balance. Although it was prewritten out for you and preordained what you would be and who you would become; what is set up for you and the good things that are laid out for you. You still have the power in your hands to get to that place that is already written out for you and the way you get to that is by the type of decisions that you make.

So often we leave fate or superstition to be what dictates our destiny but actually it’s up to us to make good quality decisions which will thereby create a good quality life. Decisions such as the people you choose to affiliate with, the tasks you decide to do or not to do how much TV you watch or don’t watch, the amount and type of debt you accumulate and the like.  This may sound mundane or even boring but it is the very thing that creates the type of life that you want to live.

Let me give you an example of how you can make a slight decision that can have a huge impact. There are many people who want to write a book and have been working on writing a book for years but they have not made a decision to invest in themselves by getting products such as Blaze Book Coaching to help them in their writing and self publishing process.   As small as that decision may seem, it has a definite impact.  There are scores of people who are connected to you and waiting for you to do the things you’re meant to do. We’re all divinely connected one way or another, so when you succeed you give someone else permission to succeed. When you decide to get uncomfortable and be comfortable being uncomfortable; that decision will lead to greater things for your life.blaze


There’s no decision so great or so small when it comes to shifting your life for the better.  All decisions create a resonating effect that lead to the necessity of making more great decisions which then manifest into living your desired life.  When you decide to reevaluate your relationships, reassess your money issues, take care of yourself, increase in your spirit; these modifications amass into a huge avalanche of a tremendous blessings. 3 major things happen when you begin to make destiny impacting decisions:

  1. You make way for tremendous blessings
  2. Your destiny is enhanced
  3. Your life begins to manifest great things

So make the decision today to take your destiny  into your hands and begin making a conscious decisions that will take you where you desire to go.  What decisions do you need to make today to shift your destiny?  Remember one decision can make all the difference in the quality of life that you lead.

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Dr. Faith

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