Your past is just a place of reference

The past is a place of reference not a place of residence


Some people literally live in their past. They unpack their emotions, thoughts, what they could become and they will ever do in the events of their past. It’s understandable but it’s not purposeful. When negative emotional events take place in our lives we have a tendency to remember them even more so than positive emotional events.

But what we’re supposed to do is learn from those events. Gather as much information, insight and wisdom as we can in order to move forward into tomorrow. Get unstuck and get unglued from those events because tomorrow is being built right now in your today. Build it with insight and wisdom instead of fear and regret.

Tomorrow is full of promise and progress if you’ll just allow your past to stay behind you and work towards your future with wisdom.

If you believe your past is holding you in bondage you need to take firm steps to releasing yourself from it. There is a huge lie that has been told and it is that “time heals all wounds”. This is false! Time never heals wounds. Time allows wounds to fester, simmer and depending on the wound become deeper. Why do you think countries have issues with each other decades after conflict??
You must take the time to process through the past in order to push past it. Life would be perfect if the person who contributed to the wounds of our past would walk up to us and say “I’m so sorry for hurting you” but that scenario is far and few between.  You have to work through the past with or without the inflicting parties participation in your healing. Take the following practical steps in order to be released from pains of the past.
Forgive them, forgive yourself, forgive! Let it go from your heart. If it stays there it has the ability to hold you down. Here’s the kicker only you have the power to let it go so when you don’t you’re holding your own self in bondage. Forgiving doesn’t mean you were right or wrong it just means you’re giving yourself permission to press forward.
People who accomplish things in life don’t accomplish them by accident but rather by planned steps toward what they desire to see. Use my Lifestyle of Greatness Dreambook to create targeted goals for your future. Use pictures, use experiences, use positive faith filled conversation to change what is happening on the inside of you.
Have faith for a better tomorrow. If you keep replaying the past in your mind your past will keep happening over and over and over again. Put a halt to it today! If Ray Ray and them can move beyond their past, God is not respecter of persons He can help you do it too.

You just have to have faith that God can lead you into a better tomorrow. The pains of your past are just that the pains of your past.  Don’t let the pains cripple the promise of tomorrow.

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