Who’s got next?

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The world suffered a tremendous loss by the passing of Dr. Myles Munroe. He was on a flight to attend a conference with his wife and others a total of 9 people were on the flight. There are never any adequate words to express the loss of great faith Giants in the kingdom of God. When it comes to death there’s never enough time nor does it come at an appropriate time. But as a believer the scripture says that we shouldn’t mourn as one who has no hope. Our hope is that we will soon see them again and be reunited with them in heaven.
As we mourn a great realization appears out of the midst of vacancy and that is: Who’s got next?
This question is posed with the thought in mind that when a great general is no longer in position another rising general is stepping into position.In the time of Moses and the great evacuation of the Isrealites from Egypt, God told Moses it was one for him to go.(Deuteronomy 32:50). God never explained to Moses what was to come nor did he notify Moses’ successor of what was about to occur. All God did was tell Moses that he did his part well and it was time for him to die at age 120.
During those times 120 years of age was a fairly young age. So one would say that Moses died prematurely; some may say God “took” him because it was his time; some would say that Moses “missed God” so he had to die early but no matter what the perceived explanation was GOD HAD A PLAN. I’m sure some folks were asking God why? Why him? Why now?  These were the same questions that people were (and are still asking) of Dr. Myles.  As a matter of fact that question will always be asked until an appropriate explanation for it can be given.  But that’s never what God has in mind.  The bible says that nothing happens on the earth until God tells His prophets (Amos 3:7).  But nowhere within that scripture do we find that God will give an explanation as to why a certain thing will or will not happen.  Our role is always to pray without ceasing and intercede on behalf of others.
There are extraordinary circumstances in which God has revealed His supernatural reasoning to us like:
  • the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah
  • the need for Noah to build the ark
  • the removal of parts of Israel from the reign of Solomon (instead of the whole kingdom)
  • Jesus’ purpose and need to die on the cross

And there are other circumstances in which God did not reveal His supernatural reasoning to us like:

  • why Elijah has to die when he did (and how he did)
  • why Moses had to go despite not being old in physical appearance
  • why the immediate disciples of Jesus had to die horrific deaths

Either way should God decide to reveal His supernatural reasoning or not there is always a divine plan in place to finish out the work God began (Philippians 1:6).  For the Isrealites that divine plan was in the man of Joshua. We have seen God do this time and time again, where when one finishes his assignment it is time for another to rise up and begin to build upon the foundation that was laid by the ones that blazed the trail before them. (Note Joshua 3:7)

Catch the shift….
God has a plan and that plan involves someone or someone’s being ready to step into position as there is now a divine vacancy. Who’s got next?
There are some who have been serving, preparing and praying for years in their position and have been faithful to what God has called them to do at that season BUT NOW a new season has exposed itself and a huge shift is taking place. Who’s got next?
It’s not for us to look to be promoted but it is an inevitable fact that whomever God has called who is willing and faithful to Him shall surely be lifted up at the appointed time. Who’s got next?
My prayer is that we will take the legacy that has been left behind by those who have left us on earth and begin to build upon it as God so deems us to.  My prayer is that we will take up our cross and step up to take on the baton that is now being passed onto us.
My prayer is that we will mourn for those we have lost but take up the treasures they have embedded within us to press forward.
The world is waiting and will continue to wait for the manifestation of the sons of God UNTIL the sons of God appear in the glory that God has given to us which is Christ in us the HOPE of glory!
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