What’s wrong with me?


Ever since I created my workout DVD Jesus Body, I get asked tons of health and fitness questions all the time. The most popular question I get asked is, “What can do to have a six pack”? I’ll be honest, I’m never surprised by the question and further more I never doubt that the person asking the question already knows the answer.  *GASP* Yes we know what we ought to do but truth be told the word exercise is NOT intriguing or interesting. Yet exercise is ALWAYS THE KEY TO BODILY TRANSFORMATION. I am a wife, mom, entrepreneur, writer, co- pastor and the list goes on; it is vital that I maintain my temple because in all the roles I play if I’m not my best I can’t be anything for anyone else.  Therefore exercise is essential for me to have the energy I need to keep up with everything.
It is essential for you to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle for you to do all that you are required to do.  Here are a few keys that will help you get the physical results you’ll love so you don’t have to ask “what’s wrong with me”?!

Drink a glass of water when you wake up.
Remember in the movies when the actors would have a pitcher of water on the lamp stand with a tall empty glass? You were probably thinking, “Ugh, why do they have that water there? Are they for real?”  It was real! It was a reminder to drink a glass every morning. The glass of water settles your system and pushes out toxins. Furthermore is clears the skin, helps stimulate weight loss and fights off infection.  Drink up!

Change your mind.
Instead of thinking about exercising just commit yourself to 15-20 minutes during which you increase your heart rate through dance, jump rope, power walking, anything.  Sometimes focusing on the word of “exercise” can be daunting to many so if you decide to simply increase your heart rate you’re more inclined to do so.  Then when you see the results & feel the difference of what you are doing you’ll go from 15 minutes, to 30 minutes to an hour even!

Find what you like.
Exercise isn’t arduous when you’re doing what you like. If you like dancing get the ‘Just dance’ CD for Wii or Xbox and dance a bit. During your favorite TV program grab the jump rope and challenge yourself to see if you can jump rope until your show comes back on. Jump rope through the commercials.  Play a round of tennis with the computer or Wii. Hop on your bike and take a spin around the neighborhood. Use by Jesus Body DVD to get some cardio into your week.  Just do what you like!

justdance1           justdance2           Jesusbody

These are just a few of many things you can do so you don’t have to look at your body with distaste or frustration.  These things will yield a six pack too! Honestly a little exercise and a few daily habit changes yields huge effects to the body.  I’d rather endure the short discomfort of exercise instead of having to endure the pain of:

  • weekly trips to the hospital
  • fear of heart issues
  • lack of energy
  • inability to complete tasks
  • lack of focus
  • shortened life span
  • excessive bills due to doctor & hospital visits
  • long term health issues

Its just not worth it!  You know what to do!  Step out of the box and do something you’ve never done before to get the results you know you deserve.

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