What you can learn about life from Kim Kardashian

I know this may be hard for many people to receive or believe but Kim Kardashian the American pop celebrity socialite has a colossal sized trick up her sleeve that is helping her to expand her reach in terms of popularity and even her business empire.  How has she been able to reach so much success so early in life?  What is Kim Kardashians age? Does Kim Kardashian’s instagram have anything to do with it?

None of the above are it.

But if you can grasp how this uncanny trick plays a role in your own life you will be much more effective and even a greater influence to your generation. As a matter of fact what she does isn’t anything new.  In fact those who are successful have mastered this art and apply it continually to everything that they do.

It is simple yet powerful.

It is subtle but packs a lot of punch.

So what is it?

It is boldness.

Yep it’s that simple boldness.

Kim Kardashian is very bold about what she does and who she is. If she wants to promote something, she will promote it whether it be products or herself. Wikipedia says that she has released a variety of products tied to her name, including the successful 2014 mobile gameKim Kardashian: Hollywood, a variety of clothing and products, and the 2015 photo book Selfish.  Along with various movie appearances, television shows, fragrances In all actuality she promotes herself like a product. And when she does she does it with persistence and confidence.

Now you don’t have to endorse everything that she has done or how she has done it but needless to say we can all learn from what she has done and accomplished.

How can you apply this to your life?

#1Boldness gives you a confidence that even if others don’t appreciate it they know you are serious about it. People will believe you, even if you are lying, if you say it with confidence. Boldness comes from confidence.

#2 Boldness can help you land jobs, clients, relationships and other things that you desire in life although you may not necessarily deserve those them. But because you are bold enough to ask you will get it by default.
#3 Boldness allows you to take risks. Many people feel that Kim is just “naturally blessed”.  Even if that is true a different perspective is the bolder you are the more calculated risks you are willing to take. Every time you “fail” it’s not a true fail unless you don’t learn something.

The things that are working for Kim and producing revenue for her did not come by chance but it did come by calculated risks. Those calculated risks followed by boldness created opportunity.

If you were bold enough what would you ask for?

What type of life would you put a demand on?

What type of life would you be living right now if you were bold enough to ask for it?

Be bold.  Take a risk.  Kim Karadashian is no better than you or I.  The only difference is she’s willing to take more risks than the average person thus she lives a different life than the average person.

Do you think you can learn boldness from Kim Kardashian?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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