What to do when being you isn’t working

We hear repeatedly that you should “do you” and “love yourself first then others will accept you”. These are modern day phrases that we hear to build confidence and though it has good intentions in certain situations it just doesn’t work.

I’ll get personal with you and share my personal story to illustrate the point I’m making.

Naturally I am a fun loving, energetic and bubbly personality. I don’t meet strangers I just meet friends that I haven’t met yet BUT I have a youthful face and most people think that I am 15-20 years younger than I really am. My youthful face and fun personality don’t mix very well in the career path that I’m in which is business and ministry. Both ministry & business are brutal and many times if you smile too much, which I often do, you’re not taken seriously (and if you smile too much at the opposite sex you’re taken seriously but in the wrong way hint, hint).

So what did I do? I upgraded my personality. Innately my personality is my personality and I did not choose it but I can choose to reveal certain aspects of my personality as well as sharpen other aspects of it.
I thrive in learning environments, love to learn and create. I’m also analytical and enjoy structure. This is the aspect that I have chosen to show. I am keeping it real by doing this? Yes. Because it is really who I am.

The purpose of all of this is this, some of you are striving to attain certain things and communicate yourself in a more astute manner but you are revealing the side of yourself that is not conducive with what you are trying to achieve. Change it up! Upgrade your personality.
The way I interact with my girlfriends is different from the way I interact with my business colleagues. The way I interact with my husband in public is different from the way I interact with him at home …hello!?!  What aspects of your personality can you reel in?  What aspects of your personality can you pull out to align with the place you are in AND going to?

We shift the aspect of our personality all the time depending on where we are and who we are around BUT now its time to do it consciously in order to produce the type of results you are looking for. It’s just like changing your dressing style for various occasions. You dress more sophisticated and business like when you have a business meeting or an interview and maybe a bit more flashy and upscale when you go to church. You’re still dressed in your style, based on your personality, BUT you have adapted it for the occasion.

Your personality does work. You work. God doesn’t create junk and doesn’t manufacture flops you are the way you are because you were made that way. Then when you allow the Spirit of God to take over you and develop you, you become a better version of yourself.
You without Christ isn’t as great or world changing as you with Christ. Let the spirit of God help you and instruct you on the shifts you need to make in order to usher in a new level of living and being.

What shifts can you make?
Are there aspects of your personality that can benefit you more than others?

Remember the world is waiting…

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Dr. Faith

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