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Hey ya’ll hey!

(I’m from Texas where ya’ll is a real word).  Thanks for the follow on Twitter.  I wanted us to have the opportunity to get to know each other a little better so…

I’m a lover of God and wife to a wonderful man Pastor Uyi Abraham who is the lead pastor of Elevate Church and I am the co-pastor.  We just relocated to Atlanta, Georgia for the privilege to do God’s work!  We’re along for the ride & if you’re in the Atlanta area would love for you to join us.

Also I’m a mom of 2, photographer, social networking lover, author and entrepreneur. And that’s exactly what tweet about.  There’s more that I could write but I’ll spare you.  I also have an online home which is my personal website.

So that’s me.  What about you?!  Who are you and what are you all about?  Leave your blog name, website, twitter name whatever so we can check you out!  Love you for following.  🙂

Oh and thanks to my twitter friend @dmosley for the idea of this blog!

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