Under the influence

It seems to me as if the workplace or corporate structure is one of the most exceptional places to lose hold of our belief system. For the most part it’s not done on purpose, it’s a gradual loosening of the grip due to constant ungodly behaviors that we encounter at the workplace, a basic human need to be accepted and the desire for promotion/recognition. Let’s face it, if you cant fit in with the current corporate culture it will be challenging to be promoted especially within an environment that you’re deemed as different. At least that’s what they want you to believe.

But if we think about it God has already made us a peculiar people so no matter how hard we try to fit in…it won’t work. If we’re honest with ourselves… we’re only fooling ourselves to think that cussing along side our co-workers or gossiping and talking bad about others will be our key to advancement. Truthfully speaking the same Person who got us the job in the first place is the same Person who will give us the promotion or increase our salary and that’s God.
Our main focus should be to go to work ON time, be productive and do as much as we can to fulfill the duties given to us at the job. As we are faithful to do the regular stuff, He will be faithful to be sure we are seen and rewarded. Our everyday duty, which is not listed within our job description, is to behave in such a manner that influences others to behave like us, God-fearing-loving-praising people not only with our words but with our actions too. The bible says that as we act in a way that glorifies or makes God proud we have the ability to influence someones eventual decision to receive Christ.

Does your behavior at the workplace influence people or are you being influenced to be someone you’re not?

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