The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide


Have you gotten a gift yet?! It’s almost Mother’s Day. Whenever I purchase gifts for other people I always want to get gifts that are meaningful and useful. My goal is to purchase a gift that will cause the receiver to be ecstatic because the gift is spot on. Either it’s just what they wanted or the gift is exactly what they need.  Below is my personal 3 step process that I use to determine the type of gift I’m going to purchase.

Assess their profile
What do they like most? Gardening, sports, beauty, electronics etc. Their  personal profile will steer you in the direction you need to go.

Assess the goal

What is the goal in your gift giving? Do you want to be a blessing? Or do you want to make an impact with your gift? You should have a “reason” behind your gift giving thus helping you decide what you need to purchase.

Assess your budget
Know what you’re willing to spend on the gift. Plan it out before hand. This ensures you don’t go overboard in your spending.

Now that you’ve made the 3 major assessments use my Ultimate gift giving guide to get an awesome gift for your loved one!

Beauty Beast:
High quality makeup brush kit
Gift card ($25 or more) to top notch makeup shops (Ulta, Sephora, MAC)
Gel nails kit w/ UV light

Green thumb gardener:
Subscription to a popular gardening magazine
Classes for planting of flowers, veggies, or fruit
Garden structures
Decorative planters

Workout vixen:
New running shoes
Steps tracking devices
The latest workout equipment (exercise ball, kettle ball, punching bag)

CEO extraordinaire:
Electronic tablet
Gift card to bookstore
Engraved money clip
Personalized Fountain Pen blog_fountainpen

Music Lessons
A new instrument
Beats by Dre headphones or ear plugs
MP3 player

Pastor/Spiritual leader: 
Bible with their name engraved in it
Leather breifcase
Mini iPad or Samsung Tab
Spa day

Pet lover:
Pet clothing
Mini hair vacuum
Personalized pet ID tag

Eco Friendly:
Honesty soy candle
Solar panel cell phone charger from

Reclaimed wood furniture

Reusable tote bags

blog_telephotolensTech guru: 
Portable speakers
Samsung galaxy smart watch
Camera telephoto lens w/ tripod
iRobot Roomba

Movie Maven: 
Subscription to Netflixs
Outing to local AMC theater
Video collection of fav movie series

Gift cards to their fav shop
Shopping spree at their fav shop
Cashmere scarf or sweater
Fashion apps like Gilt, Rent the Runway, & Pose

New mom or dad:
Baby Bjorn
Voucher for a night of Free babysitting
Subscription to Parents Magazine

blog_privatechef Foodie:
Keruig coffee/tea machine
5 course meal at acclaimed restaurant
A private chef
Cookbooks by Giada De Laurentiis & Barefoot Contessa


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