Tribute to a legend…

On the 25th of this month the world has mourned (some still are) the loss of a legend. His name is Michael Jackson and was a man that changed the the face of the entertainment industry for generations. He influenced the lives of many men and women for generations. All he did was make music and sing and dance.

Obviously the latter sentence is an understatement, Mr. Jackson was a world influencing entertainer who helped to shape the life of others as he lived his life and fought his own personal battles. But why did he have such an impact on so many individuals? Is it possible for one person to have such an impact on so many people and why him of all people? The difference between Mr. Jackson and many others is that he spent many hours honing the gifts that where given to him at birth.

You see Mr. Jackson believed in himself and his gift enough to dedicate hours to it so when he performed the same conviction that he had about his gift was passed on to the people who watched him. As people we are naturally drawn to people who are passionate about what they do or believe in; so much so that the same passion that can cause someone to convince others to do good like Mother Teresa, can also convince others do evil like Hitler.

The question is what is your gift or skill or talent that you are so passionate about [or could become passionate about] that you need to share with the world? Everyone is equipped with something unique in them that if it is honed and sharpened will create a life that was never deemed possible. What has God given to you to share?

Mr. Jackson was absolutely the best at what he did but he wasn’t so self focused that he didn’t know how to help make the lives of others better by sponsoring humanitarian events, giving money to foundations and raising funds for those in needs.
What has been given to you that will benefit not only you but those in need?

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