TLC: How 3 women used opportunity to become successful!

I absolutely looooved the TLC movie the recently aired on VH1!!  I remember growing up, I T-Boz, my sister Kemi was Left Eye and my sister Doka was Chili. We learned all the dance moves to all the videos and bought all the albums  so in essence we WERE TLC. Lots of memories were conjured up during the span of the movie but even better were the takeaways that were derived from it.  All of the takeways are necessary and essential for success in life.
#1 Be ready for the opportunity before the opportunity comes.  Those girls had literal dreams about being stars, being famous and performing.  Every opportunity they had to build upon their individual gift took. From T-Boz out dancing the boys at the skating rink to Chili working hard at being a background dancer; they were beyond ready for their opportunity.  Take out time to practice and perfect your talent.  The payoff will be BIG!
#2 Always have someone standing in your corner.  I flinched as the ladies sat at a beautiful restaurant and were served with contracts filled with language and jargon that only skilled practioners could comprehend. They were then intimidated by Pebbles and signed away their rights to the fruit of their work.  This is when an accessible, loving mentor comes into play.  A mentor provides protection, insight, wisdom and a network of others who can assist them and subsequently you. Avoid the pitfalls of not having someone in your corner…get a mentor.
#3 While you’re working towards opportunity ALWAYS be working on yourself. Chili could have avoided a lot of issues with Dallas had she been able to work on herself and her emotions.   She said that she knew she shouldn’t be with them but she just couldn’t help it.  Our emotions can lead us down paths and trails that really do not benefit us and lead to all sorts of pain and heartache but when we mature as a person those heartaches are easily avoidable.  Personal and spiritual growth are just as important as perfecting your craft.  Don’t neglect yourself read more books, spend alone time with you, pray and meditate on the Word to become who you desire to be.
#4 Keep going! Those ladies were a tenacious bunch. They knew what they wanted and REFUSED to let life’s ugliness stop them from living out their dream.  When T-boz’s sickness came to interrupt her aspirations she  refused the doctors reports.  Left Eye learned about the loss of her father right after at the moment of being propelled to her higher place. Though it plagued her, she scoffed at the negative report and went forward towards greatness.  Life is like a rose, though it is beautiful it comes with thorns.  Don’t let the thorns turn you away from the beauty and fulfillment of life.  Be tenacious.


#5 Follow the God-given dream that is within you. No one ever knows when it’s their turn to shine and be lifted up.  Don’t stop.  No one knows the exact time they will be propelled. In the meantime be diligent, be consistent and persistent and watch your gifts, talents and skills make room for you!  Those three girls from Atlanta Georgia were able to be propelled to a level they had only dreamed of because they followed the grace of God on their lives for their gifts.   What’s your thing? Find it, hone it, let God use it to inspire and IMPACT the world.
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