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I was watching the Bille Jean video by Michael Jackson and of course as I watch anything that concerns Michael I always have to reminisce of the days of old when my sisters and I used to perform his choreography in our living room.

And now that I’m older I’m actually processing much more of his lyrics. “And be careful what you do/ cause a lie becomes the truth” is one of the lyrics within Billie Jean and it had me thinking of a lot of different things that are going on within our society. People take pictures a lot more than before and social networking sites are notorious for documenting someones life with those pictures. The only problem is what if the pictures/comments/ statuses depict a different type of person that who you really are? Although we shouldn’t thrive on the thoughts of others or live our lives to please others; peoples perception of us is important and can either hinder us or help us along our path.

Those lyrics stick out to me because I know many of my friends on facebook, myspace, etc and just based on what I see on there, I wouldn’t want to know who that person is. Their online persona is completely different from their real life persona. Not being jugdemental just stating the truth. And that saddens me.

The thought of the day is this be careful what you put out on the net, what comes out of your mouth, how you carry yourself because you don’t want a lie to be the truth others know about you.

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