This temple of mine…

9 months ago I had my beautiful son….along with 30 pounds of additional weight. Of course the weight gain was necessary because of the pregnancy but I couldn’t help but feel at times guilty. I, like most women who get pregnant, took advantage of the situation and took it upon myself to eat just about anything I wanted and did not get a decent workout in during the entire pregnancy. Well some months later I’m still carrying the weight and still eating just about anything I want…until a friendly wager with the hubby.

Now I’m 8 pounds lighter (thanks to Hip Hop Abs and better eating), not as tired, more stamina, enjoying exercise and I’m eating salad like its ribs (not really but I’m getting there). The Bible tells us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and therefore not ours. So it’s our job to take care of the body that God has given to us. Most “spiritual” people would say that worrying about our outward appearance is vain or unnecessary.
But if we view the maintenance of our body in the context of presenting God with a body that is out of shape and tired, with worn out joints b/c of excess weight and arteries clogged with fat Or a body that is in shape and able to conduct Kingdom business without health issues which do you think He would appreciate more? (And the appreciation is given because it takes more effort, time, self-control and discipline to create a body that is conducive to the purpose of your life).
As a person who knows that God has created them for a reason, what steps will you take to maintain your temple?
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