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Originally posted January 03, 2014
Ever since the 2013 Glamour Girl Women’s Conference with the theme titled ‘Graced for Exploits’, the underlying understanding of grace has been lingering within me.
Many people characterize grace by phrases like “oh by the grace of God Ill be there” or “That was a close call, thank God for grace”. They’re true statements yet leave so much out from the power of Gods grace.

I believe grace is accurately defined as Gods divine ability through your ability, unmerited favor and blessings. It is by faith through grace we are saved so that no man can boast.
Grace gives you the privileged of doing life with God and flowing with Him in such a way that makes your life effortless!
LIFE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE SO HARD! God doesn’t want it that way. Will there be trials? Sure but Jesus overcame them for us already! Again effortless living. Working in the grace of God in your life will do several things:
1 guide your life 
2 give you clarity 
3 walk closer & more intimately with God
4 push out the funny stuff (no kooky Christian stuff just the purity of God)
5 filter through your voice, the enemy’s voice and Gods voice (who’s voice is prevalent?)
6 give you an overflowing life 
The how to is the part you have to understand. As simple as it is it’s yet the most challenging thing we’re asked to do: pay attention. When God is expressing His grace through you He’s not going to blow a whistle at you or put up a billboard that says “GRACE RIGHT HERE”. No. You will know by the ebbs and flows, the rhythm by which your life is moving. But if you’re not paying attention you’ll keep enforcing what you think ought to be happening when there’s no grace for it.
The good life in God. The great life is to walk with God.
The supernatural life is to live in grace. 
 2014 is the year of exceeding grace!

 exceeding grace

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