The secret to controlling your day

We all know it’s actually impossible to orchestrate the inner workings of your day.  Side balls, curve balls and atomic bombs can be thrown at you at any moment taking you from a place of peace to a place of frustration and unproductive. Despite what we know could happen there is a still a way to maintain yourself and keep your day focused on the course it should go.


 The first thing you do in the morning will set the tone of your day. King David said, early in the morning will I seek Thee. Don’t look lightly on that statement; King David was very busy man; he was king over a vast kingdom, he defeated many of Israel’s enemies in war and still had time to be called a man after Gods own heart. He too was busy. But yet he found time to seek after God.  Before he went into any battle he would pray and then write and sing songs of God’s goodness and faithfulness that we still refer to today as the book of Psalms.
You can never be too busy to take control of your life.  Ultimately the way to control your day is to spend time with the One who created the day.  The way to control your day is to spend time with God. Here are some simple steps you can take to gain control of your day and thus fulfill your purpose on the earth.
Wake up 45 minutes early:
1.    Start with 15 minutes of prayer. 
I know everyone always says an hour but I just want you to get STARTED. Once you begin to see the tremendous results 15 minutes brings you’ll easily transition to 1 hour plus!
During this time don’t complain just speak the Word of God over your life and situations. Do that for 10 minutes then listen for 5 minutes for God to give you peace & solutions.
2.    Read your Bible for the next 15 minutes.
I believe this is a great practice right after prayer because often times God will use the scripture to give you clarity, insight and give you solutions to problems. It’s an easy thing to do and even easier when you use YouVersion bible app “1 year bible”.
      3. Use another 15 minutes to make declarations and affirmations over your life.
If you have vision boards this is the time to meditate on them and see your life taking shape. (In my Unleashing the Greatness Within Kit I teach you how to do this as well as get specific about the important sectors of your life that once structured will lead to breakthough).
Take the last 2-3 minutes of this time to visualize and construct your day with your mouth.  Speak out, “Today is going to be a productive and fruitful day.  All money owed to me is being given to me today.  Everything is working out in my favor.  I have favor in all matters and victory is my portion.”  When you speak words like that the heavens will align with you!
One important note: You’ll notice that sometimes during the course of these actions you’ll want to write out goals that you need to achieve for the day; you’ll receive reminders of things to do; you’ll get the names of people you need to call etc. WRITE IT DOWN.  Always have a note pad by your side when you’re praying & meditating.  When God speaks you’ll want to be able to document His words to you quickly!


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