The RIGHT way to be a First Lady

Oh admit it you’ve always wanted to know the RIGHT way of being a First Lady. It’s such a highly visible role that carries a lot of pressure as well as a wealth of influence. If you do it the right way you could be loved and praised by not only your immediate church family but the larger global church family. If you do it wrong you could be the source and the cause of every bad and ungodly thing that would ever occur within the ministry {enter sarcasm here}.

But here’s the reality of it all, there is no perfect First Lady. The best First Lady that any ministry or church could possibly have is the First Lady that is 100% who God called her to be.

This woman doesn’t run away from the great position graced to her by God; she’s the one who uses her influence to establish the love of God within the ministry; the one who is a mother to all the members of the congregation whether older or younger than she; the one who prays for the growth of every member and doesn’t mind losing sleep interceding on behalf of the members and the church has a whole.  Some First Lady’s who have embodied their position are Dr. (Lady) Bridget Hilliard of New Light Church in Houston, TX, Lady Victory Vernon (aka Lady Vernon) of WordCity Church in Cleveland, OH, First Lady Serita Jakes of The Potter’s House in Dallas, TX, First Lady Victoria Osteen of Lakewood Church in Houston, TX are all First Lady’s who have embraced their role and are impacting the world at large.


The “perfect” First Lady is [Christ] confident in who she is and the role that has been given to her.  An even better First Lady is a lady who is acknowledged by her husband as being an asset to the ministry as much as he is.  Let’s face it, we within ourselves are not called to reach everybody but we all can reach somebody.  There are some people who will drawn to the ministry solely because of the pastor while others will be drawn in because of the First Lady.  She is a beautiful asset to the house of God and any pastor that treats her that way will benefit in MANY ways!

Personally, I believe the “perfect” First Lady is the First Lady who has decided to be all that God has called her to be whether anyone likes it or not. She can’t weigh herself down trying to be like any other First Lady other than the one God wants her to be.

God had shifted Saul’s entire life status in a matter of day. He went from being a regular every day guy to becoming his country’s most prominent figure.  Talk about a mind shift! He was tending to his father’s sheep and the next thing he knew he was appointed king. Yet Saul’s insecurities and desire to be accepted by the people instead of a desire to be pleasing to God caused the entire kingdom to be pulled from underneath him. (I Samuel 10:6-9, I Samuel 15:21-29)

God never asked Saul to do anything else but to obey him and follow His leading. Unfortunately Saul didn’t make good on this simple request. Even though Saul didn’t ask to be made king he had the role in the bag.  All he had to do was follow God’s leading and instructions and he would have had a legacy as beautiful as king David.  David was by no means perfect but he was able to fix his heart to desire God and follow God’s instructions, which placed David as ‘a man after God’s own heart’.

First Lady don’t be like Saul, seek and desire to please God. Let Him show you how to lead the people in the manner He has called you to and you’ll be the perfect First Lady.  The position of First Lady is an honor and God has given you the role because you can handle it.  Ask Holy Spirit to lead you and guide you.  He is the great Teacher, He’ll teach you what you need to do and how to work with the numerous personalities that come into the church.  He’ll grow and strengthen you so as you develop in His ways you’ll have more to give to those you are leading.

Fulfill your role with [holy] pride and dignity its what you were created for.

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