The other woman meant nothing, huh?

Soo I’ve been reading “Act like a lady, Think like a man” and I have to say that I’ve truly enjoyed it. I know it seems odd that I’m reading the book because I’m married and the book has been tagged as a singles book but I’m a “lady” married to a “man” and I want to know how he thinks to make our lives together better! Wow, if what Steve says is true then men really are SIMPLE creatures. Now simplicity doesn’t mean lacking in intelligence, it just means that they are completely different from women as we are complex creatures and the saying ‘women are from Venus, men are from mars’ holds validity.

The PROBLEM or DISTAIN that I had with the book was the following statement:

“A man can love his wife, his children his home, and the life that they’ve all built together, and have an incredible physical connection to her, and still get some from another woman without a second thought about it, because the actual act with the other woman meant nothing to him.”

“Err excuse me?!? Now granted you there is some content that is missing but for the most part this one sentence has said enough. Obviously Steve is referring to the ‘natural’ man and not the ‘spiritual’ man but then again I’m not a man and can’t give much insight on this method of thinking.

But my initial thought was that this is a scary thought process and for others to accept this is difficult for me to process. Seriously. To me this doesn’t help any woman feel comfortable with giving her all or being the woman/wife/mom that she was born to be. After doing all that you can as a woman to create a home to have the thought in the back of your mind that no matter what you do he will still bypass the trust that you have in him for a moment of pleasure is …..sickening.

Again, I would think that the spiritual man would have enough sense and have developed enough self control to remove himself from those situations but that’s just my way of thinking.
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