The missing piece of the puzzle…

Wisdom, though very powerful, is over looked by many.  Yet wisdom can cause doors to open for you that could not be opened with money. Wisdom will help you decide between situations that could be potentially harmful and situations that could be potentially beneficial.  Wisdom has the ability to translate you beyond your natural ability and intelligence.  

Solomon was given the opportunity to get anything from God that he wanted.  Riches, honor, women, land …you name it he could have asked for it and received it.   But Solomon left all of those things behind and asked for wisdom.  To many people that was a silly request but Solomon was wise enough to know that he was not wise enough to not need wisdom. 

James says that if we lack wisdom we should ask God who is giving and He will give it to ANYONE who asks liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproach.  Thank God for his giving attitude because the benefits of wisdom are immeasurable.  Out of wisdom comes righteousness, knowledge, life, wealth, enduring riches, witty inventions and many more fruits (Proverbs 8).  She loves those who love her and we should definitely love her. All the things that we could possibly desire for ourselves or in this life cannot be compared with her [wisdom].  Wisdom is the missing piece of the puzzle of life due to her ability to guide and lead us in various situations where our human knowledge would fail.

The answer to the biggest question that you face right now in your life will be resolved by receiving wisdom from God.  The wisdom for your situation whether relationships, ministry, financial or personal will unlock the door to the opportunity that will birth the miracle you need.  Outside of God-given wisdom is foolishness and self-assurance; inside of God-given wisdom is revelation, understanding and knowledge. 

DECLARATION: God, you are the God of miracles and as I need a miracle for ___________ I thank you because you have provided me with wisdom to resolve the situation.  This wisdom is guiding me into Your truth and equipping me to move forward in life.  Thank you. Amen. 

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