The Miracle of Meditation

In Joshua 1:8 God told Joshua to meditate on the book of the law day and night so that he would make his way prosperous and have good success.  Now that is exciting.  What’s even more exciting is that as believers today we are not limited to the book of the law (i.e. the Old Testament) but we are expanded by the book of grace (i.e. the New Testament).  There is more that we can gain from grace than we ever can from the law!
Through the book of grace all that we can do is embedded in who we are in Christ.  We are His workmanship and He does exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask think or imagine in our lives.  When we meditate on the Word we are literally allowing the Word to permeate our existence thus permeating our lives.
The word of God never fails and so when we continuously fill our heart, mind and spirit with it we have no choice but to yield the Word in our lives.  And since its filled with the promises of God i.e. the good news all that we will experience is good news.
Begin your meditation by following these steps:
1.     be in the moment
When you sit down to meditate do not think about anything else, what is coming up in the day or the things you have to do…just be thre …you and God (reference Matthew 6:34)

2.    EAT!
Whatever scripture you decide to meditate on (Psalm 23 is a great place to start) read it with the intention of understanding God’s intent of placing in the Bible.   The way you would eat delicious food tasting each flavor and enjoying every spice is the way to eat the scripture. (reference Psalm 34:8)

3.     infuse yourself
 Infuse yourself into the scripture…substitute your name, apply the scripture directly to your current situation allow it to become living and breathing within your life (reference James 1:23-24)


Heres an example:
Psalm 23:1

…The Lord is my shepherd…shepherds lead the sheep that they are in charge of so therefore I am the sheep Jesus is my shepherd and I move by His leading…He will never lead me to wrong place…
I shall not want…well before I begin to think about my wants, my needs have to be met so that means that He has met all of my needs…bills, mortgage, physical healing, wounds from the past… and NOW my wants are being met…as well there is nothing that I lack because He has taken care of it all!
Meditating on the Word 15 minutes everyday will change you life the absolute better.  Because the Word is living, when you “eat” the word you are consuming it into your body, digesting it and retaining all of its goodness just like food.
What is in your life is a reflection of what is inside of you.  When you constantly put the word inside of you; you will constantly get the word out.
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