The greatest liberation

What is the greatest liberation?  To stop caring what other people think. Ahh! Does it sound cliche to you? I hope not. It’s the God honest truth. When you literally stop caring what others think you are liberated from the thoughts and opinions of others.


People never run out of opinions. It’s the highest commodity on the market. Unfortunately those opinions are usually not unbiased. They are full of the hurt and pains of the persons experiences. And their (mostly unconscious) goal is to put those hurts and pains on you.

Jesus experienced this time and time again. John 6:6 says that Jesus knew the thoughts of those around Him. Yet Jesus never reacted in a responsive way to the thoughts of others. In the following verse He spoke to those around Him but He never changed His stance on who He was. He never let the thoughts of others get Him bent out of shape or cause Him to be someone He was not. He remained focused and confident. He pushed towards the goal that was set before Him while challenging the opinions of others in a progressive, healthy manner.

Not caring about the thoughts of others isn’t an excuse to continue in wrong or self abusive behavior but rather the means to being all God created you to be. Sing the way God created you to sing, write the way God created you to write, design, speak, create, organize, administrate, help, serve… Whatever you do do it unto God because He’s the one who have it to you.

Find others who have gone before you and do it better than you so you can hone your craft. But even as you learn and glean from others be the “member of the body” that God created you to be. Leave the opinions of others with them. Don’t fear what others will say when God has created you to do something. Be free.

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