The broken spirit


Never ever allow anyone or anything to break your spirit
Contrary to popular belief I personally have been through a number of events in my life that I felt was intentionally given to me to break my spirit and I’m sure you can attest to the same thing.
Hurt, disappointment, pain, backstabbing really sought to break me but I found out that #1 when God is on your side you never break and #2 we should never give that much power to anyone or anything to break our spirit.
We have to take responsibility over our spirit because it is our guide and compass for life. No one and no thing in this life can become that important that it would break us. When your spirit is broken you are so vulnerable to the enemies devices and they have greater power over you.
Stay strong become mentally and emotionally tough for the purpose on your life. In my book You Can Win at Life I discuss ways to develop in the mental and emotional areas of life.  They’re so important that if they are weak and flimsy your entire life could become a drama that even you don’t want to be in.

Expect that the love you’re supposed to give may not be reciprocated until you get to heaven. And guess what that’s ok because you are not dependent upon anyones love except God’s …and His love towards you never changes.


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