the bad 11 letter word

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Maybe its just me…maybe not but rather every single person that has lived in the United States for more than 6 months of their life (except for the Omish and babies),
Ohhhh. Very scary word. It’s the same word that allows us to pay $6.65 with tax at Mr. Big-Name-Fast-Food restaurant for a chicken sandwich that we can make ourselves at home. But instead of the homemade taste which is better than Mr. Big-Name-Fast-Food restaurant we pay $6.65 with tax almost everyday for something that causes our omentum (the stuff that causes a pot belly) to spread like butter on toast.

Convenience. I’ve come to realize that it’s become a part of us on my recent traveling journey to Spain. Upon my arrival in Paris (our transit destination), I realized that ‘Auntie Flow’ decided to arrive ahead of schedule. I was prepared in the sense that I had packed my suitcase expecting her presence…but it was the suitcase that was on the plane not my carryon!

Needless-to-say I trekked up and down that endless French airport to find a vendor to alleviate me of the arrival of my visitor to no avail. I even asked a young woman to point me in the direction of where to the much needed purchase and she looked at me as if she had no clue what I was talking about…as if she had no idea who Aunt Flow is! My legs were burning (b/c I’m out of shape of course), my face was flushed and I still didn’t have the goods I was searching for and I was out of breath by the time I reached my husband again. He looks at me & says ‘Babe, we’re not in America anymore.’ Thank you for the keen observation…and realized that I wasn’t in America.

America home of the brave, land of the convenient, able to get anything, at any time, any where had brain washed me into thinking that everywhere else is the same. Is this a bad thing? Hadn’t figured it out yet. It has occurred to me that Americans may be the most out of touch people on the earth. Everything we need is conveniently packaged, prepared and arranged for us. If you’re willing to spend the money then have not fear what you want is here.

Then again is it wrong to want the ‘essentials’ readily available when you need it? If our (ladies) expected visitor comes ahead of time, should we not have the option of spur of the moment protection?!? Who knows. One thing I do know is if I need one and have to pay $6.56 for a pack of 3 so be it…in this case convenience isn’t such a bad word.

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