The Advancement Mindset

Just the other day 7 people unsubscribed from my email list. No explanation or reasons given just unsubscribed. Now I’m sure that this type of news would normally elicit questions of doubt within the heart of a person but I was excited. I was excited because that was 7 people taking up room on the list who didn’t appreciate what I had to offer. They willingly removed themselves thus making room for 7 more who WILL appreciate what I have to offer. Yay! Why am I sharing this with you? Because there’s a valuable lesson to be learned, and it is this…
You have to stop viewing everything from a negative perspective. Society conditions us to be negative and pessimistic but that type of mentality is counterproductive to your advancement in life.  Instead of saying “7 people unsubscribed woe is me” say “7 people left making room for 7 more positive and receptive people yippie”!
Understand this, you are not built, equipped or created for everyone. It’s like fruit some people like watermelon some don’t; some people like pineapples some don’t; some people like mangos some don’t but because someone doesn’t like one fruit doesn’t make the other fruit less significant. There are plenty of people who like one fruit over the other and make a strong enough demand for it to continue to be valuable to the market. Stop letting those who don’t like what you offer dictate the way you see and carry yourself.
Your personal identity of yourself is crucial to your success.
Appreciate the way you’re built because when you do the people who love you and are attracted to what you offer will come. Shift your mindset out of “woe is me” and “nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen” mentality. If you’re stuck in that thinking you may need some deliverance and maybe some counseling from rejection and/or bitterness. Take steps to get healed in these areas otherwise you won’t need an enemy because you will be your own worst enemy.
Bless God For those who come and bless God for those who go. Stay focused on the assignment at hand and accomplish the purpose you were born for. Shift your mind to see the good in EVERY situation not matter how bad the situation. This is the advancement mindset.  The advancement mindset requires a shift on your current frame of mind.  It requires you to step up and find the solution in every problem.  It requires you to be creative when facing the world.  The advancement mindset is not for the lazy it takes effort but the effort will produce the results that you want to see in life.  Take on the advancement mindset!
Remain blessed!
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