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I recently tuned into the show Millionaire Matchmaker, which has provided a bit of entertainment, but really spurred a series of questions within me. Before I get to the questions, the show is based on a woman who is a matchmaker for millionaires but many of the millionaires only go on a couple of dates and move on to the next young woman in line. The millionaires seem to never be satisfied with the young woman they are matched with and yet can’t figure out why they are still single. Aside from the fact that some of the millionaires need a bit of home training, the standards they place on the young women is outrageous.

I’m more than sure that it’s not only the millionaires on the show who place outrageous & unattainable standards on their potential mate but everyday single people. So the questions begin, could it be that society has fed us a bunch of garbage telling us that we have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, drive x-type car, keeps up with the Jones’, knows how to “work it” when in fact the true qualities of a man or woman which would create the ideal marriage are things that society left behind 20 years ago? Being ambitious, able to provide, a spiritual leader, able to love and care for those around him/her, being respectful are all qualities that, back in the day, weighed much heavier than if someone is cute or not.

Of course we don’t want someone we can’t take home and show off to family and friends….but at what cost? Someone once said that good looks fade but dumb doesn’t which could be interpreted as the person can be beautiful beyond compare but what they lack as an individual may not be replaceable and could possibly be the difference between for “better or worse” and “irreconcilable differences”.

For every person that wants to be married, I believe that God has a special person that will be compatible with them like a hand in glove. Case and point I Samuel 16:7, God had designated the next king over Israel and while everyone thought it was going to be the best looking guy in town or the strongest guy around they were wrong. God told them not to look for the guy’s appearance or his physical stature because He doesn’t see as man sees because man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart.

Wow. So could it actually be that we have this thing all wrong and although it seems “old school” being old school in our matchmaking will yield the best results? Or should we just leave it alone occupy ourselves with other things that will help us to grow as individuals and let God do the matchmaking??

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