That sounds like fighting words to me…

It is understood that God answers prayers. Depending on the prayer and what is taking place in our lives God will either do three things; He will say yes and grant the prayer, say no and bring a better blessing, or say wait and grant that prayer at the appropriate time. Hence the Bible saying that every good a perfect gift [answered prayer] comes from the Father with whom there is no variableness.

Now what about when these three things don’t take place? What about when we are praying a prayer and it doesn’t get answered although we know (not in our mind but in our spirit) that the prayer we are praying is in season and in perfect will of God?

The revelation is this…it’s time to fight. Fight for what? Fight for that job, restoration of the marriage, those children, financial increase, that ministry, that husband/wife, that thing to come into our lives. Remember when Daniel had a vision that disturbed him to mourning? The dream was so bad he didn’t know what to do with himself and aside from that he wasn’t able to easily interpret the vision like he had done in the past with other visions. He felt like he had no other option but to go on a 3 week long fast. That 3 week or 21 day fast that Daniel engaged himself in was just the spiritual war that he needed to restore his peace and bring him the much needed answer to the vision (Daniel 10:2-3,11-14).

Could it be that the thing we have yet to see or hear a response from God about has already been released to us but we have to fight via prayer, fasting, understanding of the Word concerning that thing so that we can receive it? We shouldn’t take our prayers lightly. Whatever it is that we are praying about could be so important to your life that the enemy wants to fight against us receiving it. Daniel understood that the understanding of that vision he had was pertinent to the lives of his people so he fought with prayer and fasting for understanding and thousands of people were blessed!

What are you waiting for? Are you convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the prayer that you are praying needs to be answered? Stop waiting for it to fall into your lap and FIGHT! Get what belongs to you!
The devil comes to steal, to kill, and destroy…don’t let it be from you!
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