I’ve been told that I’m not really a Christian if I attend church on Saturday.  But I’ve also been told that I’m not really a Christian if I attend church on Sunday.  So which one is right?  Is it Saturday or Sunday?

I mean really, is one day of the week holier than all of the rest?  Does God honor the people who attend church on Sunday and give them a +1 point, while people who attend church on Saturday get a -1?  Its true that God rested on the seventh day but that day was the 7th day of Him working.  How do we know that He didn’t start working on a Sunday which would make the 7th day Saturday? 

Colossians 2:16-19 says not to observe specific days, moons etc.  I believe that being a Christian is based on not what day you choose to go to church but rather how you live your life every day of the week.  Going to church whether on Friday, Saturday or Sunday is irrelevant because everyday is a day of worship.  (Yes you saw it right.  I said Friday because in some Muslim countries people work on Saturday &; Sunday but are off on Friday.  Therefore Friday is the day they go to church).

I’ve come to the conclusion to let others continue to argue and debate over it while I go to church…on Saturday OR Sunday.  After all I would never want to forgo the assembling of the saints (Hebrews 10:24-25).

But if I do go to church on Saturday I think I’ll wear a shirt that reads “I’m not a heathen, I went to church on Saturday” so I can avoid those weird looks by the church goers during my Sunday brunch. #justsayin

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