Song bird, called to ministry

original post date: 05.04.08

So what had happened was I ended up doing the praise and worship today at church and I have to say it went pretty well…despite the fact that I carried Zoe the whole time b/c she wouldn’t stop fussing and eventually she feel asleep, still holding her mind you. I may not be a Yolanda Adams but I can do a little somethin’ somethin’ I actually remember back in the day I used to sing with my sister watching Mariah Carey videos (even though we knew we weren’t supposed to be watching MTV) we hit them notes too! She did better than I did but I sounded good. My immediate younger sister couldn’t sing a lick and so we were going to be the next TLC. Strep throat hit and lasted a cool 3 months…needless to say I NEVER tried to hit a high note like MC again. When I did try singing again “friends” told me I should just give up singing along with other things (you know how cruel kids can be).

I recently heard a message preached by someone who was saying that when God calls you into ministry you just better go, don’t disobey, even if you don’t like it you better just go ahead. Admittedly, I believed this type of message that when God calls you it’s going to be something dreadful and you won’t like it because if you don’t He’ll strike you down, blah, blah, blah.

NOTHING could be farther from the truth! Why in the world would God call someone into a ministry that He knows good and well we won’t like and expect us to do well at something we can ‘t stand doing?! That’s like telling us to go to a job we can’t stand everyday and expecting us to be the top performer in the company. It can’t happen! FoR tHe ReCoRd God is not cruel and any ministry that He has set up for you is just that FOR YOU! He will cater it to your personality, the way you function, your likes and dislikes, it’ll all be catered to the true YoU…after all He gave them to you in the first place!

Now will stepping into ministry require some changes? Sure. Maybe more discipline, familiarizing ourselves with the Bible, minding the things we do because others are watching, finding other ways of having fun that do not include going to the club and getting pissy-fall out drunk (it’s just not cute, really). And at the end of the day we’re able to find our purpose in life, become whole & not wait on anyone else to make us happy other than Jesus, enjoy life no matter how bad the economy gets and know that when it’s all said and done you eventually helped someone else get a grasp on their life by airing your dirty laundry. That’s ministry.

I thought back then that I would never sing or be in the limelight or do anything that would draw attention to myself but look at what God can do. I don’t mean to brag but I will say that I love my life and am grateful that despite it all God didn’t change His mind about His plan for me.

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