Rich People Habits

Rich People Habits

I found out something revolutionary… I found out that rich people have a different thought process and way of conducting themselves than those who are not rich.
Granted these are generalizations but I’m sure you will find the WISDOM within it.

1. Being rich usually means being misunderstood. It’s inevitable, those who have never been rich will always count the rich as being greedy, selfish, undeserving etc. if you want to be rich you shouldn’t care (& you should determine whether or not someone else deserves to be rich…it’s not your business).

2. Poor people look for ways to get a handout; rich people look for ways to generate money and be a source for the handout. 😉 They realize that all it takes for their future to change is one right decision …not someone having pity on them.

3. They make good [quick] decisions. There’s a difference between moving quickly and moving hastily. To move quickly is to gather the information you need to take advantage if what’s before you or to step away from what is before you. Indecision is a decision too.

4. They understand that the value they bring determines how much money they make. Poor people stand on what they “deserve” or what they determine to be “fair”.

5. They are comfortable being uncomfortable. Nobody ever said that being rich was convenient…it’s not. The lack of comfort can be experienced during negotiation of deals, breaking unhealthy habits ( and acquiring new ones), being frugal and so on. Being uncomfortable for a short period of time yields comfort for an extended period of time.

6. They don’t wait for their ducks to be all in a row. Rich people can smell opportunity and jump on it (spirit filled rich people can sense it) while poor people say everything has to be perfect, the $100,000 has to all be there blah blah. As my mentor says ACT FAST and Ill add to that, Act fast and allow the opportunity to work for you even if everything around you isn’t perfect.

7. Rich people make deals that benefit themselves AND others. Contrary to popular belief not all rich people are greedy. Zig Zigalr said it best, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want. ”

8. Rich people mind their time like they mind their money. They seem their time as valuable so anyone who is not bringing value to them or their current projects cannot be a priority. This may sting a bit but anything you don’t manage properly will be lost including your time, money, family and even your mind.

9. Rich people think this way, “if it is to be its up to me”. In others words situations, circumstances, and obstacles are not viewed as hindrances they are viewed as building blocks and learning lessons that move them to the desired goal. They stand on the vision at hand, use goals to accomplish the vision and leave the blame game to the poor people.

10. Rich people are confident in themselves and know they have something to offer the world. Confidence is a wonderfully powerful thing and when used correctly can be a catalyst to becoming rich. I wrote about confidence and how to get it in my book called CHRIST CONFIDENCE. My book is a tool that you’ll need to get started on your journey to becoming rich.

Bonus Lesson:
Rich people are continuous learners. They pride themselves on being people who are constantly reading new books to acquire new information. Tony Robbins is said to have read 700 books by the age of 17, which caused his classmates & teachers to ask him for answers to their questions. Poor people despise reading and they despise correction. Learning gives you new information but it also corrects wrong information. It’s a good time to pick up a book!

These are just a few valuable lessons and thought processes to being rich.

Make them your own thought processes and you’ll see an immediate shift in your ability to create wealth and receive wealth.

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