Receiving generational blessings

Many people do not realize that some of the trouble that they are or have been experiencing in their lives are troubles, issues and circumstances that their family members before them have either gone through or are experiencing.  This is called a generational curse.  We see it all the time with alcoholism, drug use, promiscuity, miscarriages, anxiety, depression and the like.  But if there are generational curses the opposite is true and that would mean there are generational blessings!

Take the time to watch this video on receiving generational blessings and knowing what to do when generational curses are blocking the flow of the blessings.

When you were watching, did you think about a couple of things that run in your family line?  If you’re dealing with curses its time to rise up and tell the enemy no more!  You will only experience in life what you tolerate in life.  Spiritual warfare prayers are great tools to use in breaking up generational curses.  Once curses are broken generational blessings can be established and you and your children and their children will enjoy the innumerable blessings of God.

If you feel like you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, addictions or things that may be too challenging to handle take advantage of RCS, Restoration Counseling Services  and let them help you unleash the greatness that is already within you!

Have you had to deal with generational curses? How did you deal with them? What generational blessings do you recognize within your family?  Drop a comment and let’s discuss.


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