Put a ring on it

Zoe (my daughter) loves this song. I’m not sure if she really loves the song or just the beat and the choreography (she will break into dance if she hears the song, thank you Aunties). I like the song because Beyonce is telling the guy if you like it (her) then marry her. More so than that, I think I love to see young men who are married…I know this is random but I have to say it.

More than anything it gives me hope that there are some young men who can discipline themselves to be with one woman, the “wife of their youth”. Self control is probably the most consistent reason given as to why most guys aren’t married (consistent but not necessarily legitimate). The myth that you have to sow your wild oats first is just that a myth. Its an excuse to be wild and run around without having to be accountable to anyone.

In essence I say kudos to the men who can bypass societal standards to be the man God has called him to be and find his God given wife and be married.

And kudos to the men who aren’t married yet but are in search of their wife and also the men who are being the best father that they can be to their kids.

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