Prophetic Word 3/11/2014

Prophetic word

If you know the song by Jesus Culture called “Break Every Chain” there are two main lyrics “Break every chain” and “There’s an army rising up”. As I was meditating on this song, as well as hearing about the generals that have gone onto glory the following word dropped into my spirit.  I also shared this at the Pleroma Leadership Intensive March 2014.  When I closed my eyes I saw several little white lights over the people in the meeting Friday night.

God is breaking every chain right now it’s not just a song He is breaking every chain off of His servants who are willing to be processed and to be prepared for the next dimension.  There has been a level by which many of us have been operating that is not the fullness of His glory.  There is a level of power and strength that is needed for the next dimension.  It will be achieved as the chains are being removed from the hearts and minds of His people.  Jesus said greater works shall we do. Its time for the greater works.

Furthermore there is an army rising up. As generals of the faith are passing onto glory such as Charles Capps, Steve Hill, T.L. Osborne and Paul Crouch;  people who propagated the gospel at an astronomical level, there is an army rising up that will take the place of those who have passed on. That army is going to be a people who are NOT willing to take the shenanigans of the devil. These are the people who will stand in boldness; who will not bow their knee to any other person or spirit than the spirit of Christ Himself.

Break every chain is not just a song but rather a clarion call that declares the next dimension for those who are ready to take their place in the spirit realm.

Be prepared go through the process(es). Equip yourself with godly knowledge and understanding.  As Holy Spirit guides you and leads you. As God uses those in authority over you to lay scriptural foundations within you yield yourself to guidance.  Do it because it’s time for the new army to rise up take their place to carry forth the mantle into the new dimension that we are shifting into.


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