Product Review: EOS lip balm…the cutest lip balm on earth!

blog_eos_product reviewI decided to do a product review for you guys on EOS organic lip balm. I love trying new and fun products that are out-of-the-box but are also able to provide the necessities of everyday life. So this particular post is to cover this lip balm that most lovers of organic products AND people who love really cute stuff would be really drawn to.

When was the last time you bought a lip balm that was in the shape of a circle and not stick?! When I first saw the EOS lip balm I shouted “Eek! How cute.”  I viewed the price and couldn’t figure out why I would pay $3 for lip balm other than the simple fact that it was so cute.  The shape made the purchase so exhilarating and then when you see the different flavors and the colors it just made for an exciting purchase.  When I first used it I loved it.  It felt moisturizing and smelled super good. But upon its further use I found out that it wasn’t the best product for me.
I did a little research online and saw that this lip balm although it is labeled organic has been known to give a bit of a problem for some women…I was one of them. I experienced extensive dry lips, peeling and dark spots. The edges of my lips were so dried out I kept a lip balm with me EVERYWHERE not realizing that it was the source of the dryness.  My husband noticed the difference and told me if it didn’t clear up to get rid of my products and start again (that was MAJOR wake up call he never comments on these things). During that time I was stepping out into different lip sticks and brands and wasn’t sure which one would have caused the issue.   I took my hubby’s advise and trashed over 10 different lipsticks and lip glosses that I purchased around the same time that I purchased the EOS 🙁 thus resulting in a loss of beautiful lip colors and between $50-& $60.
It was the EOS. I’ve since given my lips over to Nivea lip balm (in a stick) and within a matter of 5-7 days have experienced restoration of my lip moisture (thank God!).  Be careful that you don’t carried away with the unconventionally beautiful look of the EOS and be sure to try it one at a time before you “invest” $3 into each of the different circle lip balms.


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