Principle for automatic Increase

At Elevate church we have concluded our sermon series called Stewardship: maximizing God’s blessings for His glory. Below you’ll find just the skeleton but yet the skeleton really brings together the elements of our lives that help to shape and form us.

Stewardship is the principle of increase. Being a good steward of whatever you have, whether big or small, will always yield more increase for you (reference Matthew 25:14-30).

As soon as the video is available Ill be sure to post it. Love you & be blessed!

Stewardship requires you to acknowledge who you really are in Christ. I peter 2:9 but you are chosen ppl, a royal priesthood, a chosen generation –>In Christ we are special and we are set apart.

Understand that stewardship is not only limited to the things that are tangible but also the things that are not tangible.

I Corinthians 3:21 all things are yours, all that means personal, emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, economical, and even Heavenly things all things.

The devils only tactic is lies. John 8:44 says he’s the father of lies (this includes bad and evil experiences from our past) whether it’s in the form of fear, of doubt, of poverty, of a long line of bad examples –> they are all lies to get us away from knowing who we are, whose we are and what has been freely given to us in and through Christ which is ALL things.

Elevate Church cannot remain at its present size the vision is “Taking you to a higher place” does that sound like only a few or limited ppl can function under that type of Enormous vision?! No way! You must meditate and visualize yourself into your next position. That’s how we correspond to Gods vision for us.
For example::
>>Joseph -accepted the dream of being served, the same way he accepted the coat from His Father quickly
>>Abraham -name change was required to manifest the future he never even thought possible

Stewardship means you have the obligation AND ability to grow by means of Holy Spirit. 5 greatest aspects of stewardship in your life::
1. Mental
2. Emotional
3. Physical
4. Financial
5. Spiritual

All things are yours why because God has given them to you. You are equipped to manifest. Don’t take serving lightly. Don’t take your preparation time for granted.
We will soon judge angels.!

Shape your future and your life by becoming a good steward. Take an active role in the advancement of your life. Don’t be mad at God when things aren’t going the way you expect. Stand upright and take authority He said to you as a person in Christ that “all things are yours”!

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