Overcoming trauma…

First of all I want you to know that during the trauma (beatings, molestation, rape, mental and emotional abuse, incest, etc) God heard your prayers Psalms 116:1. Many times people feel that during the trauma when they called out to God for help that He should have struck down the person that was perpetuating the trauma. But He didn’t and because of that they assume that God didn’t hear their prayers or their crying and thereby must not care about them or what they’re going through.

This world is full of all sorts of evil. After sin entered the world evil was permitted to romp around and cause havoc in the lives of all who live. The theif comes to steal [your peace], kill [your spirit] and destroy [your destiny]. By receiving Christ we are able to reverse the effects of sin in our lives.

Think of it this way; lets say its raining outside.  When it rains it rains on everyone no one is excluded.  But if you grab an umbrella and proceed to walk out into the rain with the umbrella (especially the really big ones that fit 2 or 3 people in it) you will not get wet.  That is what receiving Christ does for you.  [Figuratively] Christ is the umbrella and He keeps you from being drenched with rain [sin, the curses of life].  Because you are alive and living on the earth it will rain no matter who you are but with Christ you can pass through the rain without any signs of being in the rain.

What does all of this have to do with your heart breaking experience? It has everything to do with it.

In essence, everybody no matter if they are rich or poor, black or white, in a third world country or an advanced country goes through tough times.  Notice in the latter stated example the rain continues to pour because its everywhere. But you still have a lot of choices to make.  You can decide to use the umbrella or not, you could choose to realize that you are not excluded from going through difficult situations or not and you could also choose whether to remain stuck in that situation or not.

I do not mean to make light of your situation but I must say this…what may have happened to you does NOT have to define you. What the enemy of your destiny meant for harm God wants to use it for your good. (Romans 8:28).   Many would think to themselves, “God should have not let it happen in the first place then He wouldnt have to use it for my good”. Vaild thought but it did happen, you can’t erase time but you can move forward.  Why not move forward with God?! Why not allow Him to open His umbrella of love over you to shield you from the rain that continues to pour?

How would God do that, you may ask? He will start by healing your heart and your soul of the pain, torment and anguish of the situation and begin to transform that pain into a monument. Of course you will have to work together to accomplish this.  He will never force you to do anything you dont really want do.  After you begin the process of healing and receive healing, the proof of your ability to move forward is being able to use what was meant to tear you down and keep you away from your purpose in life for helping others to move forward.

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