Others are waiting for you…

There’s a saying that says “if you take care of the needs of others you will then take care of the needs of yourself.” I truly believe this statement and know that it is the reason why I created the Jesus Body Workout and Healthy Lifestyle DVD.

With the number of fatalities increasing due to health related diseases, I wanted more than ever for those who are connected to me to avoid becoming a statistic.  You might say “I will only live once and while Im living I want to eat the things that I like even if they’re not good for me”.  I agree it is your life but there are  people who are counting on you. Other than your family, coworkers, spouse and children there are strangers that need you to share your God given testimony in order for them to move ahead in life. 

Life is like a domino effect, when you help someone up that person is embolden to lift someone else up, then they lift up someone else and the cycle continues.  You are able to contribute to not only your wellbeing but someone else’s.  That’s the big picture.  And the reality is you can’t help yourself or anyone else if you’re sick, not feeling well and dependent on others to live.

Take matters into ur own hands. Jesus Body DVD is a full body workout as well as healthy lifestyle dvd that will get you healthy and eating well at the same time.

Check out the video below to find out more on Jesus Body.

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