On my nightstand

It boogles my mind when people tell me that they don’t like to read…WHAT!?! I know I’m a bit of a nerd but I cant fathom withholding from myself the ability to learn from others successes & failures, revelations & wisdom.

Books are the gateway to a better life! I have a couple “regulars” that never leave my nightstand but these are the books that I’m on track to finish before the end of the summer….

From Dream to Destiny.  Robert Morris

God Wants You Rich.  Uyi Abraham

The Circle Maker. Matt Batterson

Pillars of Destiny. David Oyedepo

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Dr. Faith

Dr. Faith is an empowerment coach & CEO. She is committed to elevating others through her information laden books, energetic speaking engagements, & life transforming coaching programs. Her writings have been featured in several publications and articles. - See more at: http://faithabraham.com/blog/#sthash.zR4tK4Rb.dpuf