Not perfect, just parents

Our parents are given to us to give us instruction, guide us, and equip us with the essentials to do well in life and succeed. But many of us have different stories to tell about our parents and what type of impression they left on our lives. It seems nowadays that the negative aspects of parenting are more evident; some never met their mother/father, if their parent were in their lives they didn’t provide for them emotionally, the type of example they left on us was less than favorable etc.

But they’re people and no matter who they are they are not perfect.

Yet I’m not sure if we realize that our parents, though we expect so much from them, are only human. They have flaws, inconsistencies and deficiencies that they are working through just like we are. That is no excuse for bad parenting by any means but it is a reminder that as people whether parents, siblings, aunts, uncle, or grandparents they should all be given some leeway in their ability to be the type of role model or provider they are supposed to be. Our best bet is to look to God to be the perfect parent and allow Him to do what our parents either can’t or didn’t do.

How about we take responsibility for ourselves no matter what type of parenting we received. At the end of the day we are still responsible for what takes place in our own lives. Whether our experience with them was good or bad we should take our experiences and not only make the best of them but make up in our hearts to do better when our time comes.

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