March Fatness

The Health Department in accordance with the American Dietetic Association (ADA) states that the most effective long-term way to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to be 100% Fad Free.  They also recently declared March as National Nutrition Month.

The reality is we lose weight on virtually any diet if you eat less but the maintenance of the weight loss and promotion of a healthy lifestyle cannot be found in “get skinny quick” diet plans.  A good mix of physical activity and “colorful” eating will get you where you want to be.  That’s why I love Jesus Body & Healthy Lifestyle DVD; not only does it provide you a fat burning workout but it also gives you a number of tasty, healthy recipes to enjoy.  
Here are some the key messages of enjoying a Fad Free lifestyle:
* DEVELOP AN EATING PLAN FOR LIFELONG HEALTH. Too often, people adopt the latest food fad rather than focusing on overall health. Get back to basics and use the new Food Guide Pyramid as your guide.  Also be sure to incorporate fruits and vegetables in the majority of your meals i.e. put something green on your plate!

* CHOOSE FOODS SENSIBLY BY LOOKING AT THE BIG PICTURE. A single food or meal won’t make or break a healthful diet. When consumed in moderation as well as in appropriate portions, all foods can fit into a healthy diet.

* LEARN HOW TO SPOT A FOOD FAD.  Exaggerated statements which claim that by eating (or not eating) specific foods, taking nutrient supplements or combinations of foods may offer quick weight loss are key features of fad diets.

* FIND YOUR BALANCE BETWEEN FOOD AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Regular physical activity is important for your overall health and fitness. It helps to control body weight, promotes feelings of well-being and reduces the risk of chronic diseases as well as stress levels (a common factor of weight gain).

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