lovin’ life

Between potty training, starting a new business, maintaining and revamping our current business, my doctorate program and writing my next book I’ve been UBER busy. Sleepless nights because my son (8 months old) has decided that his favorite time to eat is at 3am along with my mind still running from what I did or didn’t complete during the day has taken me a bit out of my comfort zone.

So when I found out that a friend of mine’s mother passed during her battle with cancer, I was beyond shocked. The funeral service took place on a Monday morning, which is the busiest day of the week but I went. I sat in the service and couldn’t fathom what my friend could be thinking, going through, feeling or anything. My mind was thinking of how I would cope with losing my mom or anyone who was remotely close to me. As we drove to the grave site it began to rain outside and on my face from my own tears.
Life moves so fast we all have the option of going with the flow, falling behind the flow or moving faster than the flow (I’m sure you know I try to move faster than the flow). But death happens and makes you think why you are you moving so fast in the first place? Really, it helps me to re-prioritize my life and rearrange certain things.
I think we all take breathing and experiencing and hurt and joy and disappointment for granted. I’m happy that I even get to experience those things because there will be a time when I won’t. I’m lovin’ life and thanking God for each day.
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